Welcome to Linknet Infotech, We are committed to maintaining and improving the highest quality products and services that meet or exceed our specifications our customers' expectations and all applicable industry and regulatory standards.


Teflon , Metal Teflon, Pressure Roller, Pickup Roller, Separation Pad, Formatter Card, D.C Power Supply,  Scanner Cable, Mechanisms Lock, Double Mechanisms Lock, Upper Roller , Lower Roller Etc


Plotters, Belt, Encoder, Trailing cable, Carriage, Ink tube assembly, Motor, Cutter, Spindle, Module, Power supply, Main PCA. Etc



OPC Drum, PCR Roller, Magner Roller, Doctor Blade, Wiper Blade, Clamp Spring , Charge Cover, CISS For Inkjet. Etc


LaserJet Printer Spares

  • Fuser Assembly
  • Rollers
  • Scanner
  • ADF Unit
  • Gear Motor
  • Assembly Motor
  • ADF Scanner Motor
  • Flatbed unit
  • Itb(etb)unit
  • Drum kit
  • Toner collection kit
  • Pickup Assembly
  • Rollers
  • Solenoid

  Link-Net is a complete printer spare part firm which is involved in this  business since 2009, during the first sixth month of Link-Net it was only a three person company, owner, engineer & peon. Sometime owner would do the job of engineer sometime engineer of owner and some time due to heavy pressure of calls even the peon would go on basic calls like cartridge installation, paper jam. The first year went like this only. But the next years in 2010 Link-Net InfoTech was a company whose main motive and motto was to gain Customers Satisfaction& hence till today Link-Net is printer repairing firm which believes in customer satisfaction & offers a wide range of service in printer repairing, we are specialist in LaserJet Color LaserJet of Hp, Samsung Cannon & all the printer manufacturing brands available  in market. Basically hp printers are very good and they have a good number of user as compare to the other printer manufacturing company, but the cartridge is very costly, if you calculate the price of printer is 3 times of cartridge, hence cartridges are very costly, if you are refilling your cartridge then to it won't work more than 3 to 4 times , you will have to replace the cartridge, but the printer is good its spare parts are available in market, so it is easily repairable, therefore we recommended laser printers, because the cost of printer is considerably very low as compare to the inkjet printers , and the maintenance cost is also very low. Samsung Printer Problems, Major issue in repairing of Samsung printer is that its spare are not easily available in the market , and the toner chip is also costly, and every time you use refilled cartridges and toner , you will also have to change the Samsung printer toner chip , Teflon & pressure roller quality is good as compare t   the other printers because it prints. Canon Printer Problems Canon has a good repo in the Mumbai printer market, inkjet printers are 90% similar as compare to the hp printers, it also has a lot of similarity of hp printers, cartridges are also same as hp, canon is good for dtp users, it has a very good quality output of printout , overall 7 out of 10.